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Human Resource Management

Human resource management is important in small to medium businesses. Human resource management is not only important for large business and corporations.  Human resource management is a vital part of any business because it deals with caring for and empowering a business’s greatest asset. . . Its employees. Employees’ happiness can impact not only your bottom line and your clients’ level of satisfaction.  It also impacts the way your business is viewed in the business world by other competitors and potential employees that you would like to hire down the
line. Human Resource management involves not only choosing the right person for the job, but educating and taking measures to ensure that that individual is happy and feels valued.  It involves making sure that the person feels that the contributions that they make to your business is greatly appreciated and truly valued. 

Another facet of caring for and empowering your employees involves remaining current on all federal and state laws regarding the areas of employment and business. This is another area that is often unintentionally neglected by those of us that are just beginning in the field of business and another area that can either make or break your business depending on how large the violation and the costs/penalties associated with each violation. It is very important to be up-to-date and current with federal and state employment and business laws from the beginning. This can definitely cut back on the heartache and/or complications you can face later on in your business timeline. Because your human resources (your employees) are so very important in business of all shapes and sizes, it is
important to implement a human resource management strategy/system from the beginning.  I am certain that there are many of you that have questions regarding what some important things to implement when dealing with HR in a small to medium business.  Below you will find a few of those things:

1. Administration (Recordkeeping & Transactions)
2. Legal Compliance
3. Staffing
4. Training and Development
5. Employee benefits
6. Employment Relations
7. Strategic Planning

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